Pacman Nebula (NGC 281)

Above Image: Pacman Nebula
Author: Josh Thum
Date Processed: September 28, 2013
Image Processor: SEO AstroImageProcessor

Observer: Josh Thum
Date Observed: September 27th, 2013
Telescope: stoneedge 20
Exposure Time: 300 seconds
Filters: IRG Prime

Comments: This picture is dedicated to my mom and sisters. I took this picture the same night that I imaged the Helix Nebula. Since this nebula is in one of my favorite constellations (Cassiopeia), I felt inclined to image it. Also, both of my sisters and my mom’s favorite constellation is Cassiopeia, and my sister Jaden urged me to image NGC 281. I knew that this nebula’s light was spread out, so it would be difficult to detect. This is the reason why I used 300 second exposures. Then, the next day, I processed the images at my grandma’s house. I am pretty happy with the results.

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