Orion Nebula (M42)

Above Image: Orion Nebula
Author: Josh Thum
Date Processed: 11/11/13
Image Processor: SEOAstroImageProcessor

Observer: Josh Thum
Date Observed: 11/11/13
Telescope: Stone Edge 20″
Exposure Time: 25
Filters: iprime, gprime, rprime

Comments: This was a fun image to take. I’d been trying for two nights to get this image, but it didn’t work out on either night for various reasons. Whether is was the weather (hah) or problems with the website. I decided I was going to get this one done on Monday morning, 15 minutes before my bus came. My bus comes at 7:14. I logged on to Stone Edge at 7:06, opened the dome, and slewed to M42. I quickly tested exposure times till I discovered 25 seconds would float my boat, and then I rushed through the images. I finished with one minute to spare, at 7:13, and I had my mom close out of the website after I closed down so I wouldn’t be late. I processed this after I got home from school. I’m happy with the results! I’ve been using Stone Edge a lot lately, so expect more images!

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