Comet Lovejoy Q2

Comet Lovejoy Q2 among the stars of Taurus the Hunter. This picture was created from three filtered images. Each image was 45s in length and imaged with binning set at 1. Red represents the i-band; green represents r-band; and blue represents g-band. The stars are aligned so you can see how much the comet moves each minute by noticing how far apart the colors appear in the comet’s position.

Use Stone Edge to take images of Comet Lovejoy Q2. This is how you do it. Under the Command tab, write horizons 904040 | visible and then click on send. If the comet is visible, then you will see its coordinates in the Response window. If you want to know if the comet is high in the sky you can type horizons 904040 | altaz. The response will show its altitude and azimuth. The altitude should be above 25 degrees. To point the telescope type horizons 904040 | dopoint. Then the telescope will point to the comet. If you point the telescope this way with the Command tab, remember to go back to the Targeting tab and change the Current Position to read CometLovejoyQ2 so that your images are named for the comet. Have fun! Viv
Above Image: Comet Lovejoy Q2
Date Processed: <2015-01-10>
Image Processor:

Date Observed: <2015-01-10 UT 09:53>
Exposure Time: <45>

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