Helix Nebula

Above Image: Helix Nebula
Author: Josh Thum
Date Processed: 9/28/2013
Image Processor: AstroImageProcessor, Adobe LR5

Observer: Josh Thum
Date Observed: September 27th, 2013
Telescope: stoneedge 20
Exposure Time: 300 seconds
Filters: i-band, r-band, g-band

Comments: This was a fun object to image, and Stone Edge was the perfect telescope to use for this object. The Helix Nebula in this picture is a whopping 23 arcminutes across, which is substantially big, considering the field of view is merely 26 arcminutes! I took this image because a family friend is doing stuff with this certain nebula. He makes stained glass and ornaments and offered to make an ornament out of this picture if I could take it and send it to him. He wanted it to take up about half of the image, and luckily, that’s about right with this image. Soon, I’ll have my own ornament!

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